Sunday, June 6, 2010

The First Saturday in June

To celebrate International Lolita Day, a friend and I drove to Fairmount Park for a craft picnic! We found the perfect tree for our picnicking spot:
The view from under the branches was lovely!
I found a huge leaf...
... and turned it into a plate, naturally. :3
I decided to wear something casual because the weather was blisteringly hot. This cutsew dress, an older release from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, is light and comfortable for summer days. The accessories are from BtSSB, Victorian Maiden, and Innocent World.


  1. When I saw the picture using the leaf as a plate, I scared my boyfriend by exclaiming "That is SO CUTE!!" Your outfit looks lovely as well~

  2. Lovely photos!
    I'm glad you have a wonderful loliday, and that outfit is so pretty!

  3. Thanks, Aria! I hope yours was good as well X33

  4. The green leaf as a plate = environmentally adorable xD

    And I remember that OP during Otakon and I instantly fell in love with it! I remember you saying its the perfect/ most comfortable piece for summer :3

  5. I didn't think of that, but you're right! It's green in more ways than one lol

    Those were good times ;o; I wish everything I had worn that weekend had been so light and comfy! Otakon always seems to happen during the hottest weekend of the summer.

  6. ADORABLE! It look like you two had fun. . and i love that mini hat like I love cheese.

  7. Now that's a deep love! haha XDD

  8. That tree is amazing! Almost as amazing as that adorable hat, that is...

  9. lol Thanks, Emma XD
    I would go back to that tree for another picnic because it was so comfortable sitting on that carpet of pine needles and leaves!