Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Picket Fence Tea Room

Yesterday afternoon, I took my sister to The Picket Fence tea room in Haddonfield, New Jersey. It's a lovely little place with a store in front and tea room in the back. The store sells knick-knacks, shabby chic bedding, scone mixes, dishes, and of course, tea.
I chose the Chesterton tea, a mixture of black tea that tasted delicious with cream and sugar.
It came with a chocolate chip scone and Devonshire cream and jam, garnished with a strawberry.
The cute store at the front proved irresistible, so I purchased some lemon curd and Tiger Spice chai mix (for the name alone, obviously). I'm going to make my own scones to go with the lemon curd. ♥


  1. Oh, I also have that same packet of Chai!! I haven't tried it yet, though, however I tried the "twin" flavor of this one, Tortoise Chai. <3 Very good.

  2. Madreperola: Yep, it was lovely! I can't wait to go back :3

    Petote_Berri: I tried mine at work today and it was delicious <3 I'm always curious to try different brands of chai to see how they compare, so I'll have to try the Tortoise variety too XD

  3. Lemon curd!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy.

  4. YUM! That looks lovely! Lemon curd would make a delicious filling for macarons, too.