Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day and Pink House

Happy belated 4th of July! I celebrated Independence Day at a barbeque with some friends and fireworks:
Also sparklers, which made me really happy :3
Since it was almost 100 degrees, I decided to keep cool by wearing one of my vintage Pink House dresses. Pink House clothing is meant to be worn loose, so it's perfect for warm weather as long as you don't layer too much. Here's the dress I wore:
Notice the pintucks, covered buttons, and delicate lace-- all staples of Pink House design.
Generally, the skirts of these dresses are left unbuttoned to highlight a decorative underskirt. I chose a beige-colored skirt to match the beige hats in the print.
I'll show more of my Pink House collection in future posts, but for now take a look at the Pink House website!


  1. I love this ~ <3 The detail of the hats is lovely :)

  2. what camera are you using? those are great night shots of the sparklers...

  3. Dalin: Thanks! I do like clothes that have images of other clothes on them haha

    Emma: Thank you! I was just using my camera phone. Sometimes the photos I take with it do turn out strangely nice :3

  4. The dress is really gorgeous! Pintucks were so common and lovely in Victorian clothing and I wish everyone would use them more. <3

    I've always been curious about Pink House -- looking forward to seeing more of your collection!

  5. Thanks, Zoh <3 I'm with you on the pintucks!