Monday, August 9, 2010

Otakon Coordinates and Business Cards

Otakon was a real delight this year! I saw old friends, presented a panel, and got to see the amazing fashion shows. Plus, my inner nerd was very happy to be back at a convention. :3

For my panel on Friday, I wore this coordinate:
The only brand items I'm wearing here are the Baby the Stars Shine Bright parasol and the Metamorphose ruffled underskirt. Everything else is either handmade or from Target, Walmart, Forever 21, and thrift stores, so it was a relatively inexpensive outfit to put together. You might recognize the straw bag from my last post! It proved invaluable at the comvention because it holds so much stuff.

Here's a closer shot of the headdress I made using a Hot Topic hair fascinator as the base and adding a fox head skin, some velvet ribbon, feathers, and a Victorian Maiden hair corsage:
The vintage fox head skin came from an eBay estate sale auction and cost only $9. I was calling him Bernard by the end of the weekend. haha

On Saturday, I wore a more gothic coordinate in honor of the h.Naoto show that took place that morning:
The tunic dress is h.Naoto GRAMM (see the stock photo here in my flickr wardrobe), the ruffled underskirt is Black Peace Now, the rose hair corsage is Victorian Maiden, the hair jewelry is Forever 21, the necklace is handmade, and the furs and leather pouch are from the dealers room. The bag is actually from Walmart and I decorated it with a vintage doily. I use it every day for work, but it coordinated well with the outfit.

I tried to make the outfit as GRAMM-like as possible using only one GRAMM item, so I went for something more Old World fairy tale, backwoods gothic. It was so comfortable!

Finally, on Sunday, I wore classic lolita:

This photo was taken in a gorgeous hotel we visited right before we left Baltimore. I wish it were a few blocks closer to the Baltimore Convention Center so we could stay there instead. ;o;
The jsk is Baby the Stars Shine Bright, the bolero, necklace, and hairpin are Innocent World, the hat was a gift, the shoes are Payless, and the tights are Anthropologie.

In an unrelated note, I finally got business cards for this blog! I found some cute rounded-edged blank business cards and some stamps on Etsy that I liked, so I decided to make them hand-stamped. Here's the finished product:
The cards are made from recycled paper and came in a variety of cream tones. I had a customized stamp created with the blog information and was lucky enough to find the bunny and lace stamps elsewhere on Etsy. Here's a photo showing the card variety created by the mixed tone cards and hand-stamping:
They're cute! And I like the handmade look. ♥


  1. Gorgeous! And those cards are great~

  2. soooo attractive~!!!!!! I really can't pick a favorite from among these coordinates. . . i love them all~!

  3. This blog makes me feel so relaxed and happy whenever I read it! Your business cards are lovely.

  4. Thank you, Rebecca :3 I'm so glad you like my blog!

  5. I second Rebecca.Totally!
    I wish you wrote more often...:)

  6. Thanks, Miss Blue! You comment means a lot to me XD I just made another entry on Monday, and there will be more soon!

  7. great looks, I love thrift stores ^^
    I really like the idea of the business cards for your blog, is a great way to show our work. congratulations.