Monday, October 4, 2010

Out of the Woods Panel Redux

Good news! If you missed my natural kei, morigirl, and dolly kei panel "Out of the Woods" at Otakon, you can still catch it this weekend at New York Anime Fest/New York Comic Con. It will be a bit different this time with more photos in the slideshow and more models wearing the three styles! I'll be presenting the panel by myself because Miakoda is busy with preparing her line for the Never-Ending Closet fashion show, but I hope to see everyone there!

Out of the Woods: Natural Kei, Morigirl, and Dolly Kei
Date: Saturday, October 9
Time: 2:30-3:30 pm
Location: Room 1E12

Here's a quick preview of some of the raffle prizes...
First, we have a comfortable autumn outfit cobbled together from a Forever 21 dress, vintage hat, and cardigan from Japanese brand Nice Claup. I made the fox necklace myself!

Next, here's a dolly kei outfit featuring a genuine Gunne Sax dress and Forever 21 jacket...
I made the silver bird + mirror necklace with this outfit as well...
There will also be a slew of handmade accessories offered as prizes, so I hope you get a lucky ticket!


  1. haha Yep, even models get the chance to win a raffle prize! XD

  2. i won the second coordinate earlier today at nyaf! :) it was really shocking and i was kind of nervous lol. the dress fits very nicely although it is quite long and the necklace you made is wonderful. i really like the mermaid clasp! you did a really great job running the panel by yourself and i learned a lot! thank you so much! also the models were really cute <3.

  3. hiii~

    can you post your outfits of you and/or your models from comic con? :D

  4. Hey! This is Sabina, I met you at the panel the other day :). The one who was talking about mori girl/zara lol. It's so nice meeting other mori girls in person and it was great meeting you! Feel free to add me on lj, I'm x_notsosilent_x

  5. relakkumarori:
    I'm so glad you like the outfit :3 Thanks for coming to the panel! I loved my cute models too~

  6. savannah:
    I'm definitely going to post pictures from the convention! I didn't take any photos of my models on my camera, but I think a few of my friends did. I'll have to hunt for some pictures of myself as well XD

  7. sabina:
    It was nice meeting you too! Thanks for coming to the panel and talking to me afterwards XD It's always good to meet another lurker haha
    I just added you on lj!

  8. oh, ps, you can also add me on livejournal!

    I talked to you before the panel started and i said i loved your dress and asked where it was from! XD then i realized there was a line ahahaha.


  9. savannah:
    Oh I remember you! I just added you on lj XD