Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sleeping on a Bed of Moss

A few weekends ago, some friends and I went for a hike in the woods. We stopped by a river for a while and enjoyed the atmosphere. There was so much amazing moss! As you can probably tell from my blog title, I love moss.
To me, moss means warmth and comfort. Birds line their nests with moss and some animals hibernate under it in winter. In fairy tales, maidens lost in the forest will curl up on a bed of moss to sleep.
Moss can look like a miniature forest in a tiny fairytale kingdom seen from far above.

A few years ago, my sister introduced me to the French film Peau d'Âne ("Donkey Skin"), an avant-garde musical version of the fairy tale known as "Roughskin" in the Brothers Grimm version or "Donkeyskin" in the Charles Perrault version.
All the sets and props in this film are beautiful, especially the Princess's bedroom. Her bed appears to be flanked by two giant stags and a silver castle, and her bedspread is a rich green velvet embellished with flowers, so it truly looks like a carpet of moss in spring.
I would love to recreate that bedspread for my own room.
Peau d'Âne also has many elements that would appeal to morigirl sensibilities, such as woodland scenes, rustic cottages, and the donkey skin itself. I highly recommend it!
Most screencaps courtesy of Ooh La La! Designs.


  1. Oo, how delightful pics! I love moss. Its so soft and green. <3

  2. Thank you! I so agree XD
    I just saw your blog ( and I love it <3

  3. Oh can e please watch that movie? Is it as scary as Deerskin was in the beginning?

  4. Yep, we can watch it! It's not scary or realistic in any way, so don't worry XD

  5. I think I've seen that movie before, the images look really familiar and incredibly surreal. I'll be looking it up, now!

  6. I hope you like it! It's definitely surreal... at one point, the king enters the scene in a helicopter. XD haha

  7. I find your love for moss so cute! XD And I kinda feel the same about it, when I see moss growing on rocks and cliffs it makes me feel...safer? Hopeful? I dunno... :)

    I really really like this layout, I think it's the best so far, please keep it!

  8. Thanks, Miss Blue! I'm glad you like moss too :3
    And we'll see about this layout... I change my mind a lot and the layout seems to change accordingly >m<;; I like this one too, though!

  9. I need to watch that film again. I saw "belle de jour" a few weeks ago so I"ll keep the Catherine Deneuve theme going...

  10. She's so under-appreciated! I really want to watch Les Parapluies de Cherbourg. :3