Friday, December 10, 2010

Dances of Vice: Secret Life of Toys

Tonight I'm going to the Dances of Vice: The Secret Life of Toys event in New York City! I'm modeling for the I Do Declare fashion show, so I'm really looking forward to this event. From what I've seen, Kelsey's new pieces are gorgeous, like always!
image from
When I'm not busy getting ready for the fashion show, I'll be wearing a coordinate inspired by teddy bears.
And here's a closeup of the faux fur stole! I piled on the decorations because Dances of Vice is always so over the top.
Jumperskirt: Metamorphose
Velvet cardigan: Metamorphose
Velvet cockade brooch: Morrigan NYC
Teddy bear brooches: Wonderful World
Pearl chain brooch: a handmade gift from a friend

If you're coming to the event, say hi!


  1. I'm such a sucker of that meta series. It's just so antique-looking. <333
    I love how you decorated the faux fur. :)

  2. That coordinate is so awesome. This dress is pretty old though? Which Meta series is it? It's when Meta wasn't so influenced by the Sweet print time period.

  3. Holy crap, that coordinate is amazing. I'd love to see it on you :3

  4. I love the way you coordinate! You're so stylish and creative ;3;

    Eee I hope we get to see pictures of you modeling too! I wish I could go :D

  5. I'd love to see pictures, if you take any! Especially of the coordinate you posted. It's every bit as whimsical and lovely as one could wish for!

  6. Thank you, Anonymous! :3

    Sonia: Thanks! Yep, this is one of the oldest Metamorphose dresses I own. It's from one of the first releases of the Antique Bouquet series, definitely before the Sweets print XD I wish I knew the exact year it was released! Meta's style seemed more influenced by natural kei back then.

    HSP: Thank you! I'll try to get a photo of myself wearing it soon if I can :33

    Julie Doll: Thank you for saying that! ;o; I think some people got photos of me modeling I Do Declare, so I'll post them here XD If you ever visit new york city, you should definitely come to DOV!

    Rebecca: Thanks X33 With an event themed around toys, it's hard for lolitas to go wrong!

  7. That coordinate is so amazing! I want to see it this weeeekkkeeeendd~!


  8. Thanks, Kelsey! We'll see about what I'm wearing *n*
    And please sign everything as "Tomas" forever <3 haha

  9. I am just in love with this coordinate *__*

  10. Thank you, Aria! I didn't get a chance to wear it at DOV because I was too busy preparing for the show, but I'll probably try it this weekend for my birthday instead X33

  11. I love the coordinate <3 especially the bears ^^

  12. This coord is too awesome for words. I think your blog is a new addiction for me. xD We love all of the same things...lolita...dolly kei...mori girl. xD

  13. lol Thank you so much, Kate! All those are the best things anyway <3