Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Etsy Treasuries

I made a few more treasuries on Etsy, this time dedicated to classical lolita and natural kei. They were a bit more difficult to put together considering the specificity of both styles, but I'm pleased with the results! Click the links to check them out for yourselves:

If you want to visit all my Etsy treasuries, visit this link: etsy.com/people/marthaness/treasury
In blog upkeep news, I've added an "email me" button in the sidebar to the right. So if you ever want to chat about anything in the blog or in case you have any suggestions, click away! I also added a long list of blogs I enjoy reading to the links tab below the header. If your blog is on the list, thank you for inspiring me and please keep writing!


  1. These are beautiful treasuries! I'm really tempted by a few of these pieces!

  2. Thanks, Caro-chan! Making these treasuries is kind of addictive ;o;

  3. Oh man, your dolly-kei treasuries *_* Beautiful pieces... not to mention great prices, lol. Whenever I see Japanese dolly-kei pics, I wonder how much they pay for their outfits in comparison to what westerners would pay >.<

  4. Thanks :33 I know what you mean! For once, I feel as if the tables are turned... I'm used to lolita fashion where we westerners have to struggle and spend lots of money to buy brand, so dolly kei sort of evens things out. XD