Friday, April 29, 2011

Innocent World Victorica dress

I haven't been buying much lolita fashion lately, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Victorica dress from Innocent World! This dress is part of the collaboration series Innocent World did with Gosick, an anime about the adventures of a secluded young girl who solves mysteries à la Sherlock Holmes. Here are images of the dress and other items from this series:
image from Innocent World website
I was glad these pieces can all be bought separately because I only wanted the dress. It comes in three colorways and three sizes! The bordeaux and chocolat colorways looked too flashy to me-- a bit like a costume-- so I chose the beige colorway. Here are some photos:
I prefer the way the neckline looks without the detachable lace jabot. If it needs any more decoration, I think it a necklace would be just right.
There are many different styles of lace on this dress, but most of it is soft embroidered net lace. Here's a closeup of the different styles of lace used on the skirt:
Since I received the package in the mail, I've been trying to figure out the best way to style this dress. It's surprisingly versatile! I was even able to create a pirate lolita coordinate using an Alice and the Pirates jacket and tricorn.
Here's a closeup:
A few other ideas I had are a natural spring look using a floral hair wreath, lace shawl, and floral brooch, or a princess look with a mini tiara, pearls, gloves, and fan. ♥ How would you coordinate this dress?