Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Blossoms Coordinate

It's been a lovely spring so far! Here are a few pictures I took of the trees in bloom at a local park, and a spring-themed coordinate:

Cherry trees are some of my favorite ornamental trees. When the fluffy pink or white flowers eventually fade, they leave behind a carpet of petals that reminds me of confetti.

I hope everyone took time to enjoy the blossoms this spring!

Here's the outfit I wore to a small cherry blossom picnic with friends:
Dress: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardigan: H&M
Hat: vintage
I'm in love with this straw derby hat I found on Etsy! Originally, a cheap raschel lace band was glued around the crown, but I replaced it with a lace scarf instead. The straw makes it cool and lightweight, so I should be able to wear it all summer.


  1. I love taking pictures of the blossom flowers too, it's so pleasant to see them and to smell them.
    I love your coordinate it's totally "springful"!

  2. Omg! Your coordinate is sooo lovely and elegant! I loved this hat!

  3. Lovely photos, and I really like your new hat!

    I gave an award to your blog :D
    I know these awards are annoyng as they're similar to chain letters, but It doesn't matter if you don't publish it or don't follow the award's rules. I only wanted to say I like your blog!!! It made me discover the Moby Dick dress *_* Shortly I'll do my own version of it as I don't have the money for buying it.

  4. beautiful coord! sadly the cherry blossom didnt last so long here this year ):

  5. Its such a pretty coord, I like the simplicity!

  6. Adorbs XD

    haha i'm really jealous of that hat XD

  7. Beautiful blossom pictures! Ah, it's a rarer sight in Adelaide - it seems blossoms don't last very long here. And now that it is heading into winter from autumn, even the last golden touches are fading. (But I do love rain.)

    Such a darling coordinate, dear! It's so simple and gorgeous that it's REFRESHING compared to all the bright coloured pop lolita styles that are overrunning the scene at the moment.

    I love it!!

  8. Beautiful blossoms *_*
    Ans omg I love that coordinate so much!!! <3

  9. What a lovely coordinate! Isn't Etsy such a little treasure trove? I'm digging through it constantly ^__^ I find a lot of wonderful vintage dresses there.

    I love the blossoms~ it's already terribly warm in Florida :(

  10. lovely photos! you're making me miss the beauty of nj n.n ha ha ha! i'm currently in the uk, don't want to go back to new jersey :(

    (ps; this is desert on lj/lichen on poupee if you aren't sure! :3)