Friday, December 30, 2011

Dressing Gown for Dances of Vice

sources: Costumes of Nashua and the Quilt Museum and Gallery
Nightgowns and dressing gowns were once incredibly lavish! Ladies of leisure often spent time in a boudoir-- their private dressing room-- to bathe, dress, and prepare themselves for the day as well as relax with some tea or embroidery. While I dont own any antique dressing gowns like the ones pictured above, I do have some vintage pieces in my closet, so I tried putting together a coordinate inspired by traditional dressing gown ensembles (click the photos for larger versions).
My outfit for the Dances of Vice: Pure Imagination brunch was a sort of stylized boudoir look using a vintage nightgown and dressing gown and handmade accessories. At first glance, it doesn't seem to fit the theme of the event since it's not related to winter or candy, but some fairy tales characters do wear a nightgown or dressing gown in their stories, such as Wendy Darling from Peter Pan or Clara from the Nutcracker.

The vintage chiffon nightgown came from a thrift store a few years ago, as did the faux fur stole. I attached a Pink House rose corsage and some H&M pink rose clips to one side of the stole to add some color.
The velvet dressing gown is another thrift store find. I chose to leave it open to show more of the nightgown. As a result, the outfit was very loose and comfortable!
I added a tassel to the stole's satin bow and made a pearl chain sash to drape across the front of the ensemble. Necklace-style sashes like this remind me of natural kei, so I think I'll try one in a natural kei coordinate next.
For my bag, I used a fawn print faux fur pochette I bought on a japanese auction site a few years ago, adding a handmade leaf brooch, some remnant lace, a handmade ribbon rose, and some wired pearls.
My hair accessory was a handmade sleep mask! I didn't have time to make a functional one, but since I didn't intend to wear it over my eyes anyway it didn't really matter. I just cut a sleep mask shape out of cardboard and vintage lace and then added some paper roses and pom pom trim. Attaching clips to the back made wearing it easy-- I just clipped it to my hair and wore it a little askew.
I wanted shoes reminiscent of boudoir slippers, so I chose my Miss L Fire Ellison heels. These shoes are my dream shoes! I wanted them a long time before I found a pair (as you can see from the "Email Me" link photo to the right of the page). 
They're very comfortable and warm; I was able to walk around the city in them with no problem! Here's a side view:
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, so I wish all my readers a happy new year!


  1. What a lovely coordinate! I love all of the handmade elements you added to it.

    Also, that pinkhouse corsage is gorgeous~

  2. It's such a beautiful coordinate! I love how you were able to make a simple dressing gown look so decadent.

  3. Those shoes are so amazing! ♥ I like the coordinate too!

  4. I love the concept- the coordinate is quite charming!

  5. You are so creative! What a beautiful outfit!

  6. Your bag is really beautiful!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ^^

  7. The shoes are beauties ~ I'm really envious. The remind me of the shoes that were worn in the film Marie Antoinette. Lovely.

  8. I want lavish night gowns for our Salem trip ;w; <3

  9. Happy new year, Martha!
    I love your very personal take on the theme; this outfit is beautiful: decadent and dream-like, just as any fairy-tale.


  10. Oh how beautiful it all is, I LOVE the velvet coat with the flowers. xoxo