Friday, January 13, 2012

Morigirl Secret Santa 2011

This is my second year of participating in the annual morigirl livejournal community's Secret Santa gift exchange and once again I'm really pleased with the result! The gifts I received from a fellow morigirl came in a book-shaped box, which I intend to use for some of my jewelry findings and lace remnants.

Inside was a little moss terrarium, a handmade chou-chou and mug rug, and some delicious tea. These gifts really fit my style, even including my favorite motifs and colors. 
The moss terrarium is something I was particularly excited to see. It came with a hand-sculpted fawn nestled inside, as well as some extra sheet moss. I can't wait to set it up on my bedroom vanity!

Some of you may remember the earmuffs and scarf I decorated for my gift last year, so I tried to give something different this year: a tote bag, brooch, and vest set. The first gift is a sturdy tote bag made of paisley tapestry, which can come in handy for shopping or even carrying heavy books.
The flower, bow, and tassel brooch I made is detachable, so it can be pinned to a cardigan or even worn as a hair accessory because it has a claw clip on the back as well. For some extra whimsy, I added the miniature pom-pom trim on one side of the tassel and a pearl chain with a tiny key on the other.
Finally, there's the embroidered tulle lace vest. I think this vest could be worn a number of ways-- with a floral dress or even casually with a loose top and jeans. An all-white outfit would be really striking with a piece like this.
The lace is delicate-- the tulle parts near the middle are completely transparent, so anything worn underneath shows right through. Open vests like this with no front closures are fun to wear because they create a lovely frame for a special necklace or scarf.
Now that the holidays are over and the new year has begun, I hope all my readers are doing well. Did you give or receive any great presents this holiday season?


  1. Everything is so pretty :D
    I love the lace jacket :D

  2. The tote and the vest are what I like more!!! I'm totally drooling over them!
    I had a lot of nice presents and I'm really happy about it! Nothing mori, though, except for a spheric fob watch :D

  3. All of these items look so gorgeous and so enviable ^^

    I'm going to an "After Christmas" lolita meet tomorrow. I've made some bunny figurines a la Beatrix Potter style. Out of hand woven pompoms, fabric and wire. A choker. An ten copies of my own hand drawn lolita writing paper. For each attender. All of them styled to their own individual lolita style. It's so rewarding to hand make your gifts <3

    I hope you haven't forgotten about my request for a "Snow White and Rose red" coord?

  4. Very pretty~ Did you make the vest? I love it!

  5. Alexandriaweb: Thanks so much! Me too ~

    Piperita Patty: Glad you got some nice presents! The spheric fob watch sounds neat XD

    Naomi: Thank you :3 I hope you had a good After Christmas meet! Your handmade gifts sound adorable ~
    I definitely haven't forgotten about your request-- it's just that I have a long post queue to worth through... it's coming soon, I promise!

    namie: Thanks! I wish I had made the vest haha... it was a lucky find at a department store, though, so I can't take credit X3

  6. :) all your presents are lovely! .. This blog it's such an inspiration for me, thanks!

  7. I love the chou-chou especially.

    I have given you the Versatile Blogger award!

  8. Clementina: Thank you for your kind words!

    Sapphira: Awww thanks so much <3

  9. the lace jacket is perfect... so sweet :)