what is mori girl?

Mori girl is a Japanese street fashion that looks woodsy and natural. A mori girl dresses in earthy colors and loose dresses and layers. She enjoys wearing vintage and handmade pieces that make her look like she lives in a forest, hence the name-- "mori" means "forest" in Japanese.

Mori girl style is, above all else, comfortable. Loose, dreamy layers made from natural fabrics like cotton and wool, along with crochet, knit, and fur pieces are all part of the look.

Mori girls wear soft tights, socks, or leggings, sometimes with a pattern of stripes or florals. For shoes, comfortable clogs, boots, or flats are popular. There seem to be a lot of round-toed styles in mori girl footwear.

Some typical characteristics of mori girl fashion are:
~ loose clothes
~ vintage or handmade items
~ natural and earthy colors
~ everything soft and comfortable
~ layering
~ looking like part of the forest
~ lots of knit-wear, crochet, and fur

Mori girls tend to wear their hair in romantic styles like braids, waves, or even frizzy curls. Short bangs are popular.

Vintage leather satchels and pochettes are often used with mori girl fashion, but basket bags are also very popular. The straw bags are often intricately decorated with lace, flowers, and scarves.

Mori girl has a quietness about it that seems to permeate one's lifestyle as well. A wearer of mori girl values things that are genuine, antique, and handmade. She is happy in her own company and she enjoys making things for herself.

The "checklist" of what makes a mori girl can be found here if you're interested in learning more about the fashion!